Friday, March 29, 2013

Dr. Seuss Day

To wrap up March is Reading Month we had a fun Dr. Seuss celebration.  Throughout the month, we read LOTS of Dr. Seuss books as a class.  We've really gotten to know a lot about Dr. Seuss.  On the day of our celebration, we completed 4 REALLY NEAT Dr. Seuss stations. 

First, we did a Dr. Seuss alphabetical order.  We put lots of Dr. Seuss characters names in ABC order. 

Next, we made a red and white Cat and the Hat crown to wear.  We LOVE making crowns to wear for all our celebrations.

Then, we made a THING 1, and THING 2...and a THING 25 and THING 26!  Whatever our number is in class, is the number our THING was.  On the strips of hair, we had to write down the titles of Dr. Seuss books we liked best.

Finally, we made a yummy Cat in the Hat snack.  We built a hat from a Nilla Waffer, red Lifesavers and white frosting.  Then, we had to draw a diagram of our snack and label all the parts.