Friday, December 21, 2012

Behavior BINGO!!!

We did it!!!  We filled up our bingo board!!!  Can you believe it?  We've been working for quite a long time to earn a reward.  We've been working really hard by walking quietly in the hallway (hoping to receive a compliment from a teacher or Mrs. Funk), being responsible by remembering to get our mail and lunchboxes at the end of the school day, having great behavior at assemblies and respect circle and whenever we have a quest teacher. 

Our job was to cross out as many numbers as we could earn in a day until we got to 100!  As a reward, we voted to bring a toy to school for a day...yep!  Any toy we wanted to bring from home...iPads, Lego's, dolls, Beyblades...anything!

My girls with their dolls and animals

My boys and their electronic toys

Lego's and Beyblades

Checking out Matthews rock collection

Not only was it pajama day today at Doherty...the last school day of 2012, before we head off on WINTER BREAK...but it was also BRING A TOY TO SCHOOL DAY in Mrs. Hammerick's room!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Holidays!!!

We have been learning SOOOO MUCH about adding craft into our writing.  We have been studying mentor authors like, Jonathan London, Patricia Pollocco, and Angela Johnson.  We've noticed so many things they do!  They add dialogue, onomatopoeia's and similes in their writing.  They also write ... (dot, dot, dot), use a lot of punctuation, and write many, many details.  We like when they write comeback phrases and repeat words too. We've been working really hard to write like our mentor authors. 

This holiday season we made a special gift to give to our families.  We traveled through the writing process...first we thought of a small moment about our families and planned out how our story would go.  We wrote our draft including ALL the things we learned from our mentor authors...remembering to illustrate and revise afterwards.  Our stories are magnificent!!!

We published our books by making a fancy cover, a title page, a dedications page, an about the author page...and we even included a letter to our families explaining why the story we choose to write about was so special to us!  Our families are going to LOVE them!!!!

After our books were all put together, we wrapped them up to take home to our families!  Thanks to Kohls I was able to put their books in a nice box...when the cashier said I could take a few from the pile...I hope she really meant 26!

I should work at Macy's in the gift wrapping department!

We added the finishing touches with a handmade card and bow!  I really hope our parents will treasure this wonderful story their 2nd grader is bringing home for them!  They worked really hard!

Happy Holidays!!!!