Friday, January 11, 2013

Celebrating Our Writing Craft

We are becoming such great writers this year!  This past unit we decided to learn from the best!  No, not Mrs. Hammerick...REAL AUTHORS!!!  Authors like Jonathan London, Patricia Pollacco, and Angela Johnson.  We read a bunch of their books and paid special attention to what they wrote in their stories.  We noticed they did a lot of neat and fun things. 
They wrote...ellipses, time words, comeback phrases, repeat-a-words, similes, onomatopoeia's (sound words), and adjectives.  We learned from all their good ideas and added craft into our stories!!! 
This writing celebration was a bit different than the others in the past.  This time we were partnered up with a friend or two from Ms. Thomas' and Ms. Dickson's classes.  We shared our stories with them and they shared theirs with us.

Not only did we read our stories to our second grade friends...but we had to prove we learned a thing or two from this past writing unit.  We had to show our friends where we added craft into our story.  We filled out a checklist and had to write what our comeback phrase was, what our simile was, and what adjectives, time words, and sound words we wrote. 

...and...of course...a celebration isn't really a celebration without a a fun snack...or two.  Thanks, moms and dads for all the goodies you manage to send in last minute.  The snacks are what we look forward to most on a celebration day! 

I really hope all our parents enjoyed reading our latest and greatest story we brought home from our writing celebration.  We really worked hard at proving we learned from a few great authors in this last writing unit.