Thursday, May 24, 2012

Field Day

We had a GREAT time on field day.  Thank you Mr. Palazzolo and Mrs. Thomas for organizing such a fun morning for us.  We survived the heat and had a blast outside participating in all the events you planned.

First station...POPSICLES!  Yummy!  These Popsicles sure did help us get energized for all the days events. 

Go Fish was next.  What a silly station.  We had to fish out the marbles with our TOES!  What a crazy thing to do!  Ha!  Ha!

Bucket Fill was after that.  We all got a little bit wet.  It felt good though on this hot May morning.

 Concentration was up next...

Wacky Relays!  Check out some of these silly photos of the kids balancing bean bag frogs on their heads and running and jumping with a ball between their legs.  So funny!

Toilet Paper is much for fun when you use it for wrapping up your friends.

Tug-o-War!  First we did girls against boys!  The GIRLS WON!!!!  Probably because we have WAY more girls in our class than boys.  Then we mixed up the teams a bit for some other rounds.  I jumped in and helped out here and there.

The Javelin was fun.  We threw the noodle as far as we could.

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