Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tigers Make it to the World Series

Can you believe it?!?!?!  The Tiger's are in the WORLD SERIES!!!!  To support our Tigers and cheer them on, we had a pep rally at Doherty to rev us up for tonight's first World Series game.
Our class helped make the decorations for the gym.  We made posters and pennants.  What do you think???  Cool, huh?


Mr. Germanski and Mrs. Abeska did a WONDERFUL job planning such a fun event for the school!

It was REALLY LOUD when we were cheering, lol!
One of the events was a relay race.  Each team had to put on full baseball gear and run to the other side of the gym...then take it all off and the next teacher had to put it all on.  Mrs. Hammerick's team WON!!!

How do I look?  I'm ready for my next piece of baseball clothing!

Another event was the trivia contest.  Daniel was voted to be the representative for our class.  He did a great job...I didn't even know the answers to some of the questions!

Another relay race with students!  No one from our class participated, but it was really fun to watch!

The teachers participated in a bubble gum blowing contest.  Any ideas who you think won?  It was Mrs. Mustapha!!!  She blew the biggest bubble.

Go Mrs. Mustapha!!!

And finally....the best part of the whole assembly!  The three winners of the trivia contest were awarded with their prize...a BIG fresh pie to throw in a teacher's FACE!!!

Mrs. Halpin coming in with the pies.

Watch out Mrs.'s it comes!

Mr. Palazzolo really liked his pie.

What a fun event!!!  Go TIGERS!!!  Beat San Francisco!!!  What a fun event to be a part of!

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