Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Animal Zoo

The last reading and writing unit we worked on was non-fiction.  We learned about what makes a book informational vs. fiction.  We studied the different text features a non-fiction book may have.  In writing, we learned about the process one might take to write an informational book.  We started off by reading many non-fiction books about frogs (our class topic of choice).  We recorded facts we thought were interesting on post-it notes.  Then, we took all of our notes and sorted them into categories we thought would be good for our class book.

Then...we got to choose our very own animal to write a book about and we did the same thing.  We read books about our animals, took notes, and organized the facts.  After, we wrote each section of our book and made sure to edit.  We drew real looking pictures and added captions, diagrams, a table of contents, and even a glossary.  The books came out FANTASTIC!

Today we had our ANIMAL ZOO!  All the 2nd graders dressed up as their animal or a zoo keeper.  They created props and backgrounds.  During the zoo, each student read aloud sections of their book as family and friends came around to listen.  I'm so proud of all the learning that took place these past couple months in the area of non-fiction.  Great presentations, guys!

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