Tuesday, June 12, 2012

End of the Year Party

What a fun afternoon we had at our end of the year class party!!!  Thank you so much to ALL of the parent volunteers that came to help out with the festivities and to the parents that planned such a fun party.  We started off with ice cream sundaes!  Don't they look yummy? 

Next, we created a neat summer photo frame and magnet.  We colored it and added glitter and rhinestones.  Some students said they were going to put photos of their friends and family in their frames when they got home.

Last we had a water balloon toss outside.  Some of our balloons popped right away, but Max and Isabel were the last ones standing tossing their balloon back and forth.

As the year comes to an end, it's always bitter sweet.  Yes...I won't deny that I am SOOOOO excited for summer to be here and to not have to hear my alarm every weekday morning to remind me to get out of my comfy bed and come to school.  However, I'm sad to say goodbye to my students this year...many have been with me for TWO school years!  These kids were with me when I was pregnant and Allie was born.  They love (or at least pretend) to hear all the funny and crazy stories I share about her.  Some students even look forward to the updates I post about her on Adventure's of Allie (her scrapbook blog).  This class was a JOY to have and I'm going to miss them tremendously.  They each will hold a special place in my heart.  I love you guys and will look forward to seeing you in the halls of Doherty as you grow up and venture into new experiences. 

Have a great summer and enjoy every minute of it.  Play outside, sleep in late, and eat lots of Popsicles!  You deserve a much needed break after all the hard work you have done for me!  Thank you for being a wonderful class and being great role models for others.  I appreciate each and every one of you.

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