Friday, June 8, 2012

Cursive License

The past 6 months we have been working SOOOOO hard on our handwriting.  We learned how to write every letter in the alphabet, lower and upper case letters, in cursive.  A couple weeks ago we applied for our cursive license.  We had to take a cursive test and write a couple sentences in cursive which included every letter in the alphabet.  We filled out our license and even attached a photo of ourselves.  I packaged up all our paperwork and addressed an envelope to the state of Michigan in hopes that we would ALL be approved.

Today Mrs. Turner called down to our room to let us know an envelope had arrived for us.  To our surprise...the envelope had a HUGE stamp which read "Cursive License" on it!  We were all so excited. 

Within the envelope was a letter addressed to our class stating that EVERYONE in our class was approved for their license!!!  Whaaaa-hoooo!  Now we can write anything we want in long as we do so NEATLY.

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