Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Check out the fabulous time we had on Halloween in second grade!!!  Thank you Mrs. Jovic for capturing us on this special day.  We could hardly contain our excitement all day long waiting for the parade and party to begin in the afternoon. 
After lunch we all climbed into our costumes and got ready for the Doherty Halloween Parade! 




Back in the room had so many fun festivities to participate in! We made a yummy cupcake!

We made a cool Halloween bookmark to take home and use during all the reading I make them do EVERY NIGHT!!!  (Except on Halloween night).

We even got fun Halloween tattoos!

Thanks so all our volunteers for helping out during the party and planning such a fun event for the class.  They really appreciate all you do for them.

Just hanging out a little waiting for school to be over and TRICK-OR-TREATING to begin!  "Is it time to go home yet?"


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