Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day

With the big day approaching tomorrow, we took a few minutes today to talk about this years election.  The kids all know who our two presidential candidates are.  Over the past few weeks I've overheard a few conversations about who will win the title of President of the USA.  These conversations usually happened during work time when they should have been focusing on other tasks.  I thought it would be fun to see who would be the next president if it were up to our class. 

We learned about how important it is to vote and hold an election.  We set up our own election booth and held an election.  Each student took a few seconds to sit down and privately vote for their candidate. 

THE RESULTS ARE IN!!!  By a vote of 11 to 10...OBAMA was our winner!!!  We had a few voting cards that were not counted because some students couldn't decided or didn't know who to vote for.  What a CLOSE vote!

We graphed our results in our packet and compared our results.  I guess we'll find out tomorrow (on our DAY OFF) who the next president will be.

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