Wednesday, February 20, 2013

President's Day Celebration

February has been a BUSY month...Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, 100th Day of School...and now PRESIDENT'S DAY!!!  We've been busy learning all about our two most famous presidents...George Washington and Abe Lincoln.  We've spent many days reading and researching all about them.
To celebrate all the learning we have been doing...we had a President's Day Celebration!!!  Thanks to all the MOMS that came in to help make our morning a GREAT SUCCESS!  The kids rotated through 4 president stations.
First up...we made Abe's log cabin.  We learned how Abe was born in a log cabin and grew up very poor in Kentucky.  We gathered our milk cartons from the cafeteria...washed them out ;) ... and spread CHOCOLATE frosting all over them.  Then, we stuck pretzel sticks to them and they looked JUST LIKE HIS LOG CABIN. 


We all made a book about Abe's life.  We cut it out, stapled it together, read it...and finally answered some questions at the end!

Next up...we brainstormed some facts we remembered about George Washington.  Did you know George lost ALL of his TEETH!!!  Yep...that's why you never see him smile with his teeth showing. AND...he NEVER lived in the White House (because it wasn't built yet). We wrote down SIX facts we learned about George onto long white strips of paper.  Then, we made a 3 corner hat...just like George would have worn.  We stapled the hair onto the hats.  We looked just like George...don't you think?!?!?

Finally...we made one of every one's favorite snacks...AN ABE LINCOLN HAT!!!  We used an Oreo for the base of the hat...and FOUR Rolo's for the top of the hat.  We stuck them all together with MORE CHOCOLATE FROSTING!!!  Yum!!!  Then...we had to write about how we made it and draw if our moms and dads wanted to make one at home, they would know how ;)


Hope you had as much fun on President's Day as our class did!!!

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