Friday, February 15, 2013

100th Day of School

It's the 100th DAY OF SCHOOL!!!'s actually the 101st day of school!  Since the 100th day of school fell on Valentine's day, we decided to have our 100th day celebration the day after the 100th. 
I made a schedule for the kids to follow so they knew just what to expect on the 100th day of school.
First off, we made a 100 day crown to wear all read "I survived 100 days of 2nd grade!"
For math...we had a 100 day HUNT.  I put 100 sticky notes with numbers 1-100 on them all around the room.  The kids had to walk around the room and color in on their 100's chart the color of the sticky note with the corresponding number.  Eventually...many smart second graders figured out the patterned and was able to finish their grid.

After we finished our grid, each student found 4 sticky notes and brought them back to their seats.  We then constructed our 100's chart from the sticky notes to double check our make sure we colored in all of our numbers correctly.  Good job, guys!!!

For writing...we created a bucket list of 10 things we would like to do before we turn 100 years old!!!  Many of us wanted to go to college, travel around the world, and learn something new.  Then, we made ourselves as if we were 100 YEARS OLD!!!!

Finally...we had a little snack.  Everyone (well...some of us) brought in 100 of something good to eat.  We brought in Skittles, Cheeze Its, candy, cereal...and many other yummy things to eat.  We counted by 100's when we mixed all our goodies.  Then we got to enjoy our snack while we read for HALF of 100 minutes.

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