Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Pink and red...hearts and LOVE!!  This Valentine's day was a fun one!  To kick off our party, we attended an all school assembly magic show in the gym.  It was so cool!!!  Then...back to our classroom for a LOVELY afternoon. 
We first passed out our Valentine's to all our friends.  We decorated our bags in the morning with pink, purple and red designs and decorations.

I got a little crafty this year and made my Valentine's for my kiddos this year.  I knew saving all of those broken crayons was a good idea...they came in VERY handy for this project!

We LOVED looking at all our Valentine cards and goodies.  We ate cookies and drank PINK lemonade.  Yum!!!

Thanks to all the parents for helping out in the planning of  a successful Valentine's party!  The kids and I had a blast!

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